Nationals Schedule



    2012 USA Canoe/Kayak Sprint National Championships




    Green Lake Seattle, Washington





    August 23 - August 26, 2012





    Schedule of Events




    Thursday Aug 23

    Friday August 24

    Saturday August 25



    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3




    1000 Meters

    500 Meters

    200 Meters, Long Distance & Paracanoe









    Important Dates

    Women's K-2 Juv 1000m

    Men's C-1 Sr 500m

    Distance Races


    200m Traditional


    USA Canoe/Kayak

    Men's C-2 Ban 3000m


    Men's K-1 Juv 200m


    Memberships Current

    Women's C-2 Juv 1000m

    Men's K-1 Sr 500m

    Men's K-2 Ban 3000m


    Men's C-1 Jr 200m


    July 1, 2012

    Men's K-1 Juv 1000m

    Women's K-1 Int 500m

    Women's C-2 Ban 3000m


    Women's K-1 Sr 200m



    Men's C-1 Juv 1000m

    Women's C-2 Jr 500m

    Women's K-2 Ban 3000m


    Women's C-1 Juv 200m



    Men's C-1 Sr 1000m

    Men's K-2 Jr 500m

    Men's C-1 Mas 5,000m


    Men's K-2 Sr 200m


    Thursday, August 02, 2012

    Men's K-1 Sr 1000m

    Men's K-1 Ban 500m


    Women's K-2 Juv 200m



    Women's K-4 Juv 1000m

    Women's K-1 Sr 500m

    Men's K-1 Mas 5,000m


    Women's C-2 Sr 200m



    Men's C-4 Ban 1000m

    Women's C-1 Int 500m

    Women's C-1 Mas 5,000m


    Men's C-2 Juv 200m


    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Women's C-2 Jr 1000m

    Women's C-2 Ban 500m

    Women's K-1 Mas 5,000m


    Women's K-1 Jr 200m


    10 am - 5 pm

    Men's K-2 Jr 1000m

    Women's K-2 Jr 500m

    Men's C-1 Sr 5000m


    Men's K-1 Jr 200m


    Competition Tent, Green Lake

    Men's K-1 Ban 1000m

    Men's C-1 Ban 500m


    Women's C-1 Jr 200m



    Women's K-1 Sr 1000m

    Women's C-1 Sr 500m

    Men's K-1 Sr 5000m


    Men's C-2 Sr 200m



    Men's C-4 Jr 1000m

    Men's C-1 Int 500m

    Women's C-1 Sr 5000m


    Women's K-2 Sr 200m


    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Women's C-2 Ban 1000m

    Women's K-2 Ban 500m

    Women's K-1 Sr 5000m


    Men's K-2 Juv 200m


    10 am - 5 pm

    Women's K-2 Jr 1000m

    Men's C-2 Jr 500m

    Men's C-1 Jr 5000m

    Women's C-2 Juv 200m


    Green Lake Small Craft Center

    Men's C-1 Ban 1000m

    Women's K-4 Sr 500m

    Men's C-2 Jr 5000m


    Men's K-1 Sr 200m



    Women's C-1 Sr 1000m

    Women's C-4 Jr 500m

    Men's K-1 Jr 5000m

    Women's C-1 Juv 200m



    Men's C-4 Sr 1000m

    Men's K-1 Jr 500m

    Men's K-2 Jr 5000m

    Women's K-1 Juv 200m


    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Men's K-4 Sr 1000m

    Women's K-1 Ban 500m

    Women's C-1 Jr 5000m


    Men's C-2 Jr 200m


    5:30 PM

    Women's K-2 Ban 1000m

    Men's K-1 Int 500m

    Women's C-2 Jr 5000m


    Men's K-2 Jr 200m


    Green Lake Small Craft Center

    Men's C-2 Jr 1000m

    Men's C-2 Sr 500m

    Women's K-1 Jr 5000m


    Men's C-1 Sr 200m



    Women's C-1 Juv 1000m

    Men's K-2 Sr 500m

    Women's K-2 Jr 5000m


    Women's C-2 Jr 200m



    Men's K-1 Jr 1000m

    Women's K-4 Jr 500m

    Men's C-1 Juv 5000m


    Men's C-1 Juv 200m


    (located by Aquatheater)

    Women's C-4 Ban 1000m

    Women's C-4 Sr 500m

    Men's C-2 Juv 5000m


    Women's K-2 Jr 200m


    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    Men's K-4 Ban 1000m

    Men's C-1 Jr 500m

    Men's K-1 Juv 5000m


    Paracanoe Races


    1 pm - 5 pm

    Women's K-1 Ban 1000m

    Women's C-1 Jr 500m

    Men's K-2 Juv 5000m


    NOTE: Para to be


    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Men's C-2 Sr 1000m

    Men's C-2 Ban 500m

    Women's C-1 Juv 5000m


    integrated thru am


    10 am - 5 pm

    Men's K-2 Sr 1000m

    Men's K-2 Ban 500m

    Women's C-2 Juv 5000m




    On competition days, boat control will

    Women's C-4 Juv 1000m

    Women's C-1 Ban 500m

    Women's K-1 Juv 5000m




    open ONE HOUR prior to the start

    Men's K-4 Jr 1000m

    Women's K-2 Sr 500m

    Women's K-2 Juv 5000m




    of competition

    Men's C-1 Jr 1000m

    Women's C-2 Sr 500m






    Women's K-1 Jr 1000m

    Women's K-1 Jr 500m






    Men's C-2 Ban 1000m






    Saturday, August 25, 2012

    Women's K-4 Ban 1000m






    South Seattle Community College

    Women's C-1 Jr 1000m






    Banquet Deadline Online: August 2, 2012

    Men's C-2 Juv 1000m






    Banquet deadline Aug. 9 for Masters

    Men's K-2 Ban 1000m






    Ticket Deadline Contact GLSCC: August 21, 2012

    Women's C-1 Ban 1000m







    Men's K-2 Juv 1000m






    Women's K-2 Sr 1000m






    Women's C-2 Sr 1000m







    Men's C-4 Juv 1000m







    Women's K-1 Juv 1000m






    Men's K-4 Juv 1000m